Rain and Thunder is a grassroots publication created and distributed by a collective of radical feminist women. Published three times a year, Rain and Thunder brings you the very best in radical feminist news, analysis, theory, community building, and activism.

Rain and Thunder has been published for over 13 years and continues to fill a much needed gap in the realm of independent feminist media. We offer a sliding scale subscription policy to ensure affordability and accessibility for all readers.

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Recent Issues

Issue 60 (Fall/Winter 2014): Themed Issue on Violence Against Women: Strategizing a Radical Response for the 21st Century

Featured articles:
  • Why Consent Is Not Enough by C.K. Egbert
  • A Manís Possession: Pornography and Rape by Samantha Grey
  • The Rise of Technology-Facilitated Stalking by Delanie Woodlock
  • Collective Resistance: The Grassroots Work of Vancouver Rape Relief and Womenís Shelter: A Rain and Thunder Interview with Collective Members Hilla Kerner and Maria Wong
  • How to Start an Independent Advocacy Center to End Violence Against Women by Marie De Santis
  • Whose Streets? Our Streets! Mobilizing to Stop Violence Against Disabled Women by Philippa Willitts
  • Crossing the Rapelands: A One-Woman Show by Carolyn Gage

Issue 59 (Summer 2014): Open Issue

Featured articles:
  • Feminism: We Are Not Calling for Equal Inequality by Finn Mackay
  • Women EcoWarriors by Vandana Shiva
  • Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a Feminist Issue by the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development
  • The Failing State of Native American Womenís Health: An Interview with Charon Asetoyer by the Center for American Progress
  • Standing Our Ground: Reproductive Justice for Marissa Alexander by Monica Simpson
  • Have Fun So We Do Not Go Mad in Male Supremacist Heterosexual Amerika: Lesbian-Feminist Poetry in The Furies by Julie R. Enszer
  • Decolonizing Womenís History: An Interview with Max Dashu by Meghan Murphy