Rain and Thunder is a grassroots publication created and distributed by a collective of radical feminist women. Published three times a year, Rain and Thunder brings you the very best in radical feminist news, analysis, theory, community building, and activism.

Rain and Thunder has been published for over 13 years and continues to fill a much needed gap in the realm of independent feminist media. We offer a sliding scale subscription policy to ensure affordability and accessibility for all readers.

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Recent Issues

Issue 63 (Fall 2015): Spirituality Issue

Featured articles:
  • Testify by Vanita Leatherwood
  • Reclaiming the Spooky: Matilda Joslyn Gage and Mary Daly as Radical Pioneers of the Esoteric by Marguerite Rigoglioso
  • Jewish Feminist Ritual by Vanessa Ochs
  • Bring Back That Old-Time Religion by Kay Golden
  • We’Moon: A Groundswell of Women’s Spirituality, Creativity and Culture -- A Rain and Thunder Interview with Bethroot Gwynn and Sue Burns
  • Wanting to Be Indian: When Spiritual Searching Turns into Cultural Theft by Myke Johnson
  • The Seven Deadly Sins and How to Bring More of Them into Your Life by Carolyn Gage

Issue 62 (Summer 2015): Open Issue

Featured articles:
  • Minding Our Language by Debbie Cameron
  • Bosnia Women’s Court: A Feminist Approach to Justice — An Interview with Karima Bennoune by Peace is Loud
  • Caught Between the Misogynies of India and Indiana: The Tragic Case of Purvi Patel by Nayomi Munaweera
  • Reproductive Sovereignty or Bust! by Carol Downer
  • On Being a Fat Female by Christine Donofrio
  • Feminism Betrayed: Putting Women in a World of Hurt by Kay Golden
  • Women’s Power to Stop War: Rereading Virginia Woolf by Jennifer Allsopp